Property divisions, boundary readjustments, boundary amalgamations, street widening and building or other property registrations.

Cadastral field surveys carried  out by private surveyors Applicants to any District Land Office of the Lands and Surveys Department, requiring cadastral field surveys, have the option to choose between a governmental or a private licensed surveyor. Such works include the field surveys for land demarcations, vertical or horizontal (strata) property divisions, boundary readjustments, boundary amalgamations, street widening and building or other property registrations. In both cases, the applicant has to pay the required fee to the Lands and Surveys Department. If the applicant chooses to proceed with a private licensed surveyor, the applicant has to personally agree with the surveyor an additional fee and sign a contract (issued by the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber). For more information, please contact Us to provide you a Surveyor.

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